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    Hydrostatic Pressure Test

    Inject brine into the cavern using the fresh water hanging casing until the surface brine pressure on the brine hanging casing string to customer specifications. Sonic surveys will attach pressure gauges on all strings to monitor cavern stabilization from brine pressurization. At least 48 hours prior to test start, notify the State regulating authority about the test. Once the test supervisor customers representative have determined the brine pressure decay rate has sufficiently declined, the hydrostatic pressure test will begin. The brine tubing pressure will be monitored with laboratory quality digital quartz pressure transducers with a certified accuracy of .2 psi and be verified by a dead weight gauge. After a test period to be determined be the test supervisor but no less than 24 hours, the hydrostatic pressure test will be finalized. The pressure data will be analyzed and a complete record of the test will be given to the customer.